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Kababjees Bakers

Includes:Potato Chips Quantity: 04PcsMix Nimco Quantity: 04Pcs..
PKR 2,202
Dreamcake for Chocolics, made with pure dairy milk chocolate froasting and topped with diary milk chocolate bits.Weight: 2.5Pounds..
PKR 2,838
Covered with creamy galaxy chocolate butter ceam with soft moist chocolate sponge.Weight: 2.5Pounds..
PKR 2,552
Imported Chocolate with soft sponge layered to perfection, topped with Kitkat.Weight: 2.5Pounds..
PKR 3,135
Soft melt in mouth vanilla sponge layered with lotus sauce, topped with buttercream and lotus sauce.Weight: 2.5Pounds..
PKR 2,332
Made from Premium Chocolate with moist layer of sponge, topped with malteser chocolate balls.Weight: 2.5Pounds..
PKR 3,003
Mixture of vanilla and chocolate cake, in which case it is mainly vanilla, with streaks of chocolate...
PKR 1,452
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